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My Story

The old skool legend Alex P

May 1990 Alex P packed his Bags and left behind a host of residencies* in the UK to travel to Ibiza! He had been many times before and fell in love with the Island, his mission was not to bring the sounds of Ibiza back to the UK but to take his sounds and visions to Ibiza!

After a laborious period of getting turned away from many clubs and getting nowhere persistence got Alex a break in a bar in San Antonio Bay where he hosted his own night calling it with typical Peezee humour Eyebeeria after a few weeks there was a cue around the block and Ibiza local News Paper La Presena was keen to interview him.

Things quickly sped up for Alex Eyebeeria moved to Summun a bigger beautiful venue, then came a Monday Night residency at Ku the biggest club on the Island and possibly the world at that time! Ku later became Privilege and was the home for Manumission in Ibiza where Alex often DJ’d.

Residency at Amnesia Ibiza

Amnesia Ibiza came next and offered Alex a full residency which meant DJing every night in the club way before the invasion of the British Promoter and clubs held their own themed nights which now seems like an eternity away.

Alex DJ’d at the closing party this summer it was attended by all the Islands glitter arty musicians and celebrities and it remains to this day as one of his memorable sets on the island wrapping up around 3 in the afternoon!!

Later that year Amnesia was sold and had a different vision to Alex now, so they parted company. He was then introduced to Pepe the owner of Space Ibiza who offered Alex the summer Residency.

There was only one room in Space which played mainly trance/techno sounds with some Balearic influences Alex loved the club and was keen to introduce the deeper English warehouse Sounds. After some discussions with James Mitchell Alex approached Pepe with the Idea of turning the outside area at the front of the building into a dance area where Alex could express his Funkier style of Music Pepe agreed and after hours and hours of hard work the Space Terrace was born.

After an unsuccessful first summer James had other things on the table and wasn’t keen to come back Alex had faith and believed it would work so he bought James out. Running it on his own managing the bar organising the PR and DJing inside and out became hard work as the Terrace was getting some notoriety as a destination on the island and running later and later, Alex would manage the bar and DJ sometimes 12hours a day that’s when he, decided he needed help there was only on name on the short list as it required a certain kind of person, he had to call upon the services of Brandon Block.

The rest is history Space Terrace became Europe’s dance capitol and one of the most talked about party destinations on the planet. Space had the biggest DJ’s around the world come for guest spots some friendships were built on mutual respect and a love for the music and Alex got invitations to take his sounds around the world.

Alex still has the same love for music and the desire to push the house scene forward he holds residencies with a few major brands and is busy with global guest spots and with his own night Funkadelic.

Centre Force Radio 883

Alex is currently a DJ/Presenter on the World’s No. 1 house music station Centre Force Radio 883 Here he gets to pioneer new music and hosts Funkadelic, two successful shows Tuesday 2-5pm with guests, Thursday 2-4pm solo.

Alex is currently working on music production with Chris Spillman and is set to release a new album April 2020 with the launch of new labels SOSO/Funkadelic *Astoria, Busby’s, Limelight, Legends, and Gas Club to name a few