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Welcome to the official SOSO recs page.

Here you will find all the latest information about our releases. This page is the conception of DJ Alex P and is maintained by Alex Petrides.

SOSO Recs is UK based. A purveyor of fine tuneage sourced by some of the greatest minds in the Universe.

Bruvnors Got Beatz

Alex P and Chris Spillman played football and were friends a long time before they came together and formed Bruvnors.

Chris had been asking Alex to come into the studio with him for some time. The turning point was when Chris sent some of his work to Alex, he liked what he heard and when they got together in the studio found they had many of the same traits and work ethics. Now they have the perfect working relationship complementing each other and have come up with a unique sound.

Expect to hear a lot more from the Bruvnors

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